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Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

National Organic Chemistry Symposium Trust (NOST) was established in 1983 through a visionary initiative by its Founding Trustees to promote organic chemistry research and teaching in India through the voluntary efforts and commitment of the organic chemistry community. Initial objective of the NOST was to hold periodic national level Organic Chemistry Conference (OCC) to provide an interactive platform for young and established organic chemists in academia as well as industry. Having successfully organized half a dozen such national meetings, NOST ventured to expand its wings with increasing international participation. In the last six conferences, there has been significant international presence of organic chemists representing over a dozen nationalities.

Encouraged by the enthusiastic response to the NOST-OCC, particularly from the young organic chemists, it was considered opportune to launch a separate yearly meeting of the young researchers (mostly Ph. D students) in organic chemistry (J-NOST conference). Two such successful meetings (2004 & 2006) provided the impetus to open the doors of J-NOST conference for participation by young overseas researchers as well. The intent behind this initiative is to enthuse and network young organic chemistry researchers worldwide.

Twenty years on and with the experience of hosting twelve successful conferences, NOST is here to stay and raring to look ahead. For the coming decade, NOST will endeavor to amplify its portfolio of activities and harbors the ambition to become an internationally recognized interactive forum to promote organic chemistry through conferences, short courses and focused workshops. To achieve this objective, NOST is willing to partner with other like minded organizations committed to the cause of organic chemistry. NOST also aspires to forge stronger links with chemical industry, particularly with the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry in India to help it maintain its ascendancy.

NOST activities are supported through voluntary contributions from individuals and organizations and it is hoped that its record over the years will enthuse many donors to contribute to its corpus to promote the science of organic chemistry.